The Secretariat

Francis Mwaijande (PhD) is the Chairman of Tanzania Evaluation Association and a Senior Lecturer of Public Policy Analysis at Mzumbe University in Tanzania. He is a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Arkansas, U.S.A. He attained M.A. University of Wolverhampton, UK and B.A. Ed at University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. His research interest areas include … Read More

Isaac Kiwango is the Teasurer of Tanzania Evaluation Association and a management and development consultant with over thirty years of professional experience, much of which has been in consultancy and research services, his key skills are in Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial Management, Strategy Development, Organizational Development, Human Resource Development, Capacity Building, Institutional Development and training in the areas of leadership and organizational development, performance management, relational database developments, information systems development, … Read More

Mr. Djax Biria is an independent consultant and director of Maarifa Consult Company Ltd. Priorto this he was Executive Director cum Consultant of the Training and Consultancy Centre(TRACE-2006-2016), Executive Director cum Trainer of Actions for Development Programs(ADP) Mbozi (1999-2005), Project Coordinator of Ileje Food Crop Production Project (IFCCP) funded by VECO Belgium now known as Rikolto (1996-1998).