Our Mission

Vision, Mission and Values 
The following vision, mission and values statements of TanEA provide the context and principles within which the association operates.

The Vision:
“TanEA is a leading association on quality M&E in Tanzania”

The Mission: 
“TanEA exists to promote and strengthen evaluation practices in Tanzania through capacity building, advocacy, professional development and networking”. To achieve the vision and mission, TanEA will persistently and meticulously abide to the culture built on the following core values:

  • Timelines – TanEA values timely delivery of Monitoring and evaluation services and products
  • Ethical/integrity – Adhering to professional ethics in all interventions related to M&E
  • Spirit of Voluntarism – TanEA members values the spirit of voluntarism
  • Competence – TanEA believes in knowledge and skills
  • Team Spirit – TanEA believes in team spirit and recognize/respect member’s contributions
  • Accountability – TanEA is conscious about its vision and mission and values accountability
  • Networking/collaboration – TanEA strives to network and collaborate with other VOPEs, AfrEA, and other stakeholders in M&E in the country, region and globally.