JANSI DAUDI SINKAMBA  is married and living with a wife and three Children, born in 1970 and he is a Tanzanian, working with TUSHIRIKI Non Governmnet Organization  Mbeya   Execuive Director  since 2005 up Date Contacts: Mobile: +255 766 97 28 10 /713 49 55 57, Email: jsinkamba@yahoo.coma/, Educ: Advance Diploma Business Administration.(ADBA) Namgongo Ccomputing  Centrer. Expe: 20 years since 1999 to Date of Good Governance,Capacity Building of groups of civil societies especial CBOs and NGOs,Participatory approaches (PPME, PRE, PRA, PLAs) Training and field practice,Project Evaluation skills.Facilitation skills and Organization Management.( facebook//:

Grace Shio (Mabiranga), Masters of Arts on M&E, short course on Evaluating and Managing for Sustainable Development Impacts in Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator at Lawyers Environmental Action Team (LEAT) in a project of lobby and advocacy for International Public Goods (water, food security, biodiversity and climate change). Email:; +255 623 737 705, skype: grace.shio

Kissa MwaisobaAddress: Agriculture Research Institute (ARI-Uyole), Box 400 Mbeya, Tanzania
Affiliations: Agriculture Research Institute(ARI-Uyole), Tanzania Evaluation Association(TanEA), Tanzania National Committee for Family Farming(TANCOFF)
Education: Masters of Business Administration & Bsc In Agriculture Education and Extension
Experience: Experience in Agriculture Research in socio economics issues, Baseline surveys, Monitoring and Evaluation of different agriculture project, Data collection technique, Data entering on SPSS, STATA, EXCELL and Data analysis, Gender analysis techniques,Training farmers on farming as Business, Business skills, preparing farm budget and agriculture business plan.